New Data: What Types of Content Perform Best on Social Media? [Infographic]

What types of content get shared?
Great ideas lead to great content, and our research proves that how you choose to execute that content will affect its social traction. We divided the content of articles into five types: how-tos, lists, what-posts, why-posts, and videos. Here’s how we defined each post type:

How-to posts introduce a problem, offer a solution, and then discuss each step to reach the desired result.
Lists are exactly what they sound like — they focus on a particular topic, offer a number of points about the topic, and provide a brief conclusion.
What-posts provide further information on a specific topic, with many articles surrounding comparisons of one thing to another.
Why-posts typically provide readers with a reason or purpose and provide details that support a focused conclusion.
Videos are also self-explanatory, providing the audience with a dynamic visual of the topic discussed within the article.


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Dutch and Slovenian regulators nail carriers over net neutrality

Originally posted on Gigaom:

While the European Union dithers over EU-wide net neutrality, some European countries are marching on regardless. On Friday Slovenia’s regulators nailed carriers Telekom Slovenije and Si.mobil for violating net neutrality principles, and on Tuesday Dutch regulators fined KPN and Vodafone for similar violations.

The latest ruling, by the Dutch consumer protection agency ACM, saw [company]KPN[/company] fined €250,000 ($283,000) and [company]Vodafone[/company] €200,000. KPN was caught for blocking some VoIP services on its free Wi-Fi hotspots, and Vodafone was zero-rating the [company]HBO[/company] Go app – that is, it was providing free traffic for that service in particular, a practise technically known as “positive price discrimination”.

ACM’s statement read in part:

In addition to the ban on blocking, internet providers may also not charge differing tariffs for the use of services and applications on the internet. This contributes to an open internet. An open internet is important for freely disseminating information and…

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First U.S. Bitcoin Exchange Set to Open

Coinbase Inc., a startup backed by $106 million from the New York Stock Exchange, banks and venture-capital firms, will allow individuals and institutions to trade and monitor real-time pricing of the cryptocurrency.


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Apple Paid Tim Cook $9.2 Million Last Year

Originally posted on TechCrunch:


Ever wonder how much one makes as the head of Apple?

Good news! Since Apple is a public company, that’s public information. They updated their charts for last year just this morning.

Here’s how it all broke down in 2014:

  • Tim Cook took in $9.2 million in 2014 — $1.7M of that as salary, $6.7M as non-equity compensation (that is, money he makes based on how the company performs). That’s over double what he made in 2013, which was roughly $4.2M.
  • Newcomer Angela Ahrendts, hired away from Burberry to lead Apple’s retail strategy, earned $73M. The very vast majority of that ($70M) was in stock.
  • CFO Peter Oppenheimer earned $4.5M before retiring in September. This was about double his 2013 compensation.
  • Oppenheimer’s replacement, Luca Maestri, earned $14M — about $13M of which was stock and bonuses.
  • iTunes/App Store/Apple Pay/Siri/Apple Maps/iCloud-boss Eddy Cue earned $24.M, $20M of which was…

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Lifecoaching: ik kan iedereen voor de gek houden

Laurens ten Hagen:

Stop it…;-)

Originally posted on Orchid of Life's Weblog:

??????????‘Hartritmestoornissen, al voor de tweede keer. Pasgeleden lag ik nog in het ziekenhuis. Het was te zien. Aan zijn vermoeide gezicht, aan zijn dikke wallen en aan hoe zijn ogen stonden; wazig, vragend: ‘Wat is er toch met mij aan de hand?’ Ik heb al veel minder stress. Ik ben al een stuk relaxter. Ik ga rustiger met de dingen om. De artsen zeggen dat het niet terug te leiden is naar een fysieke aandoening. Het kan door stress, teveel alcohol of koffie komen.’

Al luisterend merkte ik een aantal zaken op. Het is iemand die veel van zichzelf vraagt, maar zichzelf tegelijkertijd een grote mislukkeling vindt. Vorig jaar waren deze hartritmestoornissen voor het eerst geconstateerd. Precies een jaar later weer. Zijn dochter van 10 jaar sprong op hem. Hij zette zich schrap en tilde haar op. Hartritmestoornissen, ammehoela, niks mis met mij. Ik ben er voor mijn dochter. Kom…

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The Difference Between Infatuation and Love

The Difference Between Infatuation and Love.

Watch out, Wall Street: 27 tech IPOs to expect in 2015

Investors got plenty of new technology companies to pour their money into last year. Companies that have gone public on U.S. markets include Alibaba, Arista, Castlight, GoPro, Hortonworks, HubSpot, Lending Club, New Relic, and Zendesk. And plenty others should be arriving in 2015. A new group of tech companies have joined CB Insights’ Billion Dollar Club thanks…


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