Airflow Management Is The Next Step Towards Energy Efficient Data Centres

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Data Centre Manufacturer Minkels Releases Whitepaper On ‘Rack Airflow Optimisation’
Data centre manufacturer Minkels, European producer of integrated solutions for data centre cooling, housing, power distribution and data centre monitoring, has published a whitepaper offering a comprehensive look at all the ins and outs of  ‘Data centre airflow management and optimisation’. “


After investing in energy-efficient cooling solutions and Cold Corridors, airflow management is the next big step towards creating energy efficiency,” enthuses Patrick Timmer, specialist in airflow optimisation at Minkels and author of the whitepaper.

“Data centre chains and corporate data centres are making increasing use of energy-efficient cooling techniques such as Free Cooling and Fresh Air Cooling,” Timmer adds. “Also, many data centres have since been fitted with Cold Corridors, which separate hot and cold airflows in a highly energy-efficient manner. Research carried out by our own R&D department shows that the use of Cold Corridors can result in energy savings of up to 30%. Many data centres, however, still lack an effective ‘airflow management’ system, an aspect with which even greater energy-efficiency can be realised. What’s more, airflow optimisation is important for the good performance of the server, network and storage equipment, temperature control and the general stability of a data centre.”

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