Apple’s new iPad close to finally launching in China after receiving sales license

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The launch of the new iPad in China has taken one further step towards reality after the country’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center provided a mandatory license for an unnamed 3G-compatible Apple-made device, believed to be the new iPad, as the Wall Street Journal reports.


Though the device now has a permit to go on sale in China, following approval of the WiFi version was in March, it remains unclear when it will finally become available in China for a number of reasons. 


iPhone 4S fans had to wait some time to see the flagship Apple smartphone on sale in China. The launch came in January, despite the phone being close to receiving clearance in November, so another month or two to tie-up bureaucratic and supply chain issues may be necessary.


More importantly, however, Apple needs to reach an agreement with Proview in the ongoing case over the ownership of the iPad trademark in China.


Negotiations have picked up of late, and Apple is reported to have tabled a settlement offer of $16 million, although that figures is a long way short of the $400 million that Proview is said to be holding out for.

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