Why Your Employees Should Be Involved in Social Media

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It seems that so many companies are fighting to keep their employees off Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ out of fear of reduced productivity or a lack of control over how the company is represented in this new medium. In many cases, the official social accounts of these companies are poorly managed, and frankly, nothing more than one-way soap boxes intended to send information to the masses in drops rather than a stream.


It’s no surprise that these companies also fail at this approach — miserably.


The best examples of successful social media branding out there include brands that are willing to resolve customer issues openly on networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Why? Because if you can resolve someone’s complaint, no matter how small, then you’ve created a promotional tool that money can’t buy. You’ve essentially scaled caring. With a tweet, you have answered a question that many others undoubtedly have. If a company I follow answers a question I have about some product, service, or policy that has been on my mind, I’ll retweet it and let my followers know.

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