Did #da12social cause Twitter to crash?

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Did #da12social cause Twitter to crash?


Well from what was an absolutely massive collaboration of over 200 social media power networkers and supporters from Xeeme, Empire Avenue, The Social Media Academy, and the general social media community it was about the only thing that could possibly happen to slow us from achieving our goal to trend on Twitter…


But before we continue lets take account of why we were there in the first place. The #da12social teams project leader Axel Schultze was invited as a key note speaker at the EU Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels to present on some of the exciting work we have been doing. This marked an important milestone not only for us but all of the people that have been so immensely supportive of the project and the goals we have been working so tirelessly on. A project that only a few weeks before started with a team of 30 people and was culminated into an extended group of over 250 contributors and over 1000 pages of research to be summed up and presented to the EU Digital Agenda Assembly in less then 15 minutes, and what a job Axel did..



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