Microsoft Outlook | Be Quick and Get your Own Name on the New

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Microsoft have revamped Hotmail…


Microsoft have made a very positive move and are upgrading and re-branding hotmail and it’s now

I’ve just signed up and finally I have a free email address with my own name.

If you are quick you can do the same. I use Professional email for most communication but a having free web-mail with your own name is a bonus.

Microsoft are still in the process of revamping the browser based email application and if you sign-up today you’ll still see elements of hotmail, but that I am assuming will be rectified soon.


So far though new is looking clean and fresh, which I like – a lot! – As you would expect you can connect your favorite social networks and import your contacts.

It’s early days and I’ve not had chance to complete the set up my New but I thought I’d bring it to your attention sooner, rather than later.


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