IBM Launches a Bold New Vision for the Digital Village – Forbes

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In my forthcoming book SOCIALIZED! I explain why every company must build its own Digital Village – or an internal social network. And based on what I’ve seen this week, IBM appears to be its chief architect.


As IBM’s latest series of announcements have shown, they are taking the idea of an internal social network (our Digital Village analogy) and making it a reality. Their newest version of IBM Connections 4.0 which enables a clever integration with email (either Notes or Outlook) and strategic partners like SugarCRM, Actiance and Bunchball, are all banding together to support the human need for connecting and collaborating to solve business problems.


Here are 5 Important Connections 4.0 updates:
Tight inline integration with third party solutions within the activity stream. For example, you can now update 3rd party solutions like SAP directly in the activity stream and not have to context switch out of Connections and into SAP which can be cumbersome.

IBM clearly understands the need for a robust set of internal social analytics that help organizations become smarter and more effective. They’ve developed a set of tools that analyze a massive amount of social data to gain deeper insights and actionable intelligence that otherwise was impossible to aggregate and find.

They now offer a broad range of mobile device support for Connections 4.0 including support for the new Apple iPhone 5. That means the Digital Village is portable.

Getting started is easier. It’s available in the cloud or on premise.

Building social, secure communities both inside and outside the organization is now easier and can be created on an ad-hoc basis to create internal and external engagement with employees and customers respectively.




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