Forget LinkedIn Profiles – What Your Career Really Needs Is….

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Forget LinkedIn Profiles – What Your Career Really Needs Is….


by on 19 March 2012 at 18:22
Updated 30 October 2012


OK so first up, congratulations on making it this far! The simple fact that you’re reading means you’re open minded about your career development. You glimpsed a headline screaming LinkedIn profiles aren’t that important – and instead of thinking “nutter” you’ve been drawn in to find out more!


Keep that open mind until the end of this piece and we can promise you a powerful new weapon in your career armoury.


Before sharing what you really need to transform your career fortunes, let’s quickly look at why LinkedIn is – and is not – all important for your career. This is of huge significance both to those of you currently looking to change jobs – and to those of you who are thinking more long-term about positioning yourself for success.


LinkedIn has all sorts of uses for someone in job hunt mode, but fundamentally what LinkedIn has done is to open up a powerful resume database of candidates to any and every recruiter or employer that cares to look. This has had a profound effect on the recruitment market – and means that, contrary to our headline, your LinkedIn profile is certainly worth expending some energy getting right. But that, as they say, would be a whole other story…


What is really fascinating is what LinkedIn has not done to the hiring market…. as this is where there is real scope for you to stand out from the crowd.


Where LinkedIn has only scratched the surface is in the area of distinguising between good candidates and great candidates. You see a CV / resume can only tell a recruiter so much. This was true ten years ago, before LinkedIn came on the scene. It’s equally true now, in an era where many foresee the resume being replaced with the LinkedIn profile.


The key things are:


1. Your blog conveys your passion for a topic and gives a recruiter a far more compelling picture of you than a simple resume or LinkedIn profile.


2. Your blog will self-propagate to reach an audience of interested parties, building your reputation over time and spreading your name through social media in ways that weren’t possible even a couple of years ago.


3. Your blog allows you to showcase your personality through your style of writing – and more importantly, through the subsequent interactions you’ll have with people commenting on your blog posts.


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