Pinterest for Business Launched – Malhar Barai

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Pinterest today rolled out brand specific pages. Read the post to see how brands can leverage the new features. With more specific tools coming up soon, keep watching this space for more.


According to Pinterest for Business, brands can leverage it in 4 ways:


1. Tell their story – Brands can create an account, verify their website and start creating boards. With some awesome pins, they can get the engagement going with followers.

2. Build a Community – One of the greatest way of building a community is to have active participation of followers. According to Pinterest, it can be done with a pinning event, collaborating with other pinners and also have some great CTA on your pins. Otherwise, host a Pinterest giveaway and get some loyal fans.

3. Get Traffic your way – With the ‘Pin it’ button on your website and each product pages is a great way to drive traffic your way. Ensure that the button are around where they can be seen.

4. Learn and Grow – This is the best part. Very often for brands to adopt a new platform requires a great amount of learning. A single mistake could cost their face, hence it always better to learn from few of the best ones around and tailor strategies to suit your business goal.






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