Social CRM Fuels Engagement and Growth Infographic

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Social CRM Fuels Engagement and Growth


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.


Social CRM is one of those terms that tends to get overused and confused. It seems virtually every company that has any social features has begun to classify their applications in the Social CRM realm. In my opinion, there are several features that a social platform must have before it calls itself a Social CRM:


1. Monitoring – the ability to monitor social in real-time and set up alerts.

2. Identification – the ability to capture the identification of a social profile and collect information across social profile and apply it to a person-centric record, with classifications of whether they’re a lead or a customer.

3. Workflows – the ability to route social interactions, assign tasks, and ensure resolutions are applied.

4. Campaigns – the ability to proactively generate engagement campaigns to drive upsells and acquisitions.

5. Reporting – the ability to generate aggregate reporting across social channels and the CRM to ensure a return on investment is achieved.



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