5 reasons to use Google Plus Sign In over Facebook or Twitter Sign-In

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Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president of engineering, has maintained since the beginning of Google Plus that the social network would take a ”cautious approach” to APIs.

Laurens ten Hagen‘s insight:

1)  Security – In rolling this out, Google stated that security was a top priority. “Google+ Sign-In also comes with the protections and safeguards you’ve come to expect from your Google account (like 2-step verification), so you can always sign in with confidence.”


2) No Spam –  Google went after Facebook by saying that it wont allow apps to ”spray frictionless updates all over the stream.” You will have the option of whether or not you want to share any information concerning the site you signed into, and who see’s the information that is shared.


3) Android – Google has something the Facebook and Twitter don’t, the number one mobile operating system in the world.   Google realizes that its an extra hassel to set up your favorite website’s app up on your desktop, phone and tablet separately.   If you use the Google Plus sign-in button on a site that has a mobile app, you will be given the option to automatically install the app to the mobile device of your choice.


4) The Google Universe – Google has been working very hard of late to seamlessly connect all there properties: Gmail, Calendars, Drive, Search, etc.  Google Plus Sign-In will be no different.  With Google, when you are signed into one product, you are signed into all.  You will be able to do things like click on an upcoming event in an app and have it added to your Calendar.


5) Interactivity – This is my favorite feature.  Google is bringing Interactive Posts to Google Plus.  According to Google, “When you share from an app that uses Google+ Sign-In, your friends will see a new kind of “interactive” post in their Google+ stream.  Clicking will take them inside the app, where they can buy, listen to, or review (for instance) exactly what you shared.”   Google has 100 different interactive buttons that developers can choose from!  Move over “like” button, interactive posts are here.




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