3 Ways Your Content Marketing Strategy Can Use Big Data

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Data are coming from your customers and prospects at an incredible rate. Find out 3 ways your content marketing strategy can use Big Data for valuable insight about what is most engaging for your t…

Laurens ten Hagen‘s insight:

Before considering how Big Data can help your content marketing strategy, it is important to first understand what problems you are trying to solve. To get to the answers, start by asking yourself some key questions, like:

What are your overall goals for your content marketing program?What drives your customers and prospects when it comes to consuming and engaging with your content?What topics and pain points are most critical to your personas?What content has garnered the highest conversions?What about which content is driving the most awareness?

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  1. Ultimately, data contributes to product development but does not replace the very unscientific notion of what to build and why. That’s the art of product development and how it intersects with business strategy. This follows from the fact that products are developed today for use in the future. The future is uncertain for your own product’s evolution, but all around you is uncertainty. Data is an input to help you define a strategy or modify it, but cannot replace what is inherently the uncertain side of innovation.


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