Is Content the New Currency?

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Between the endless Euro drama and the Bitcoin brouhaha, currency has been much in the news of late. Most people would probably name the US Dollar as the dominant currency in this day and age.

Laurens ten Hagen‘s insight:

Five Reasons Content Is the New Currency:

Content has meaning beyond the data it contains. It can be shared and exchanged with others to acquire additional knowledge—much like a traditional currency.Financial transactions used to buy status. Now, content buys earned trust.In the sharing economy, bonds are formed through content and utilitarian exchange.Content creates equity much like stocks and bonds. The more subject matter expertise a brand brings to the table, the more business they can create. This expertise is displayed in the form of content.The definition of the term currency is anything that is used as a medium of exchange. Content acts as that catalyst because it brokers an exchange between people with similar interests and goals.

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