Apple Patents Face Recognition Tech For Enhanced iPhone Privacy And Automated Controls

iphone face recognition


Face Recognition. The Next Step in Security?




Apple has been issued a patent by the USPO today (via AppleInsider) that describes a system for using facial recognition and detection on a mobile or desktop computing device. This could work a lot like the Android face unlock option, which has been criticized before for its fallibility, but is also designed to prompt activity and use facial expressions as input for controlling the device.

This could be used to not only protect data on an iPhone in a locked state, but also determine how much information is shared on the lock screen for a user. So if a person is receiving a call and their iPhone recognizes them (determined by a number of factors, including skin tone, vectors, feature distance and size, etc.) then it’ll display caller ID and information from the user’s contacts app. If it’s not someone the phone has listed as a user of the…

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