True or false: Google Cloud is enterprise-ready


It’s pretty clear that Google(s goog) has built out a pretty impressive public cloud. What’s less clear — from the outside, anyway — is how serious Google is about wooing enterprise accounts to that cloud. Its focus thus far has been (hat tip to Steve Ballmer) developers, developers, developers — but as Amazon(s amzn) knows quite well having started its public cloud push with developers, enterprises have lots of developers.

Given that, my guess is that Google’s pretty darned serious about this market. But it faces hurdles there:

  • First: Public cloud leader Amazon(s amzn) Web Services is into year 3 of a pretty aggressive enterprise push of its own.
  • Second: Vendors with more enterprise-y DNA — Microsoft(s msft), IBM(s ibm), Hewlett-Packard(s hpq), Red Hat(S rhat), VMware(s vmw) — are pushing clouds of their own.
  • Third: There is the lingering — although I think fading — perception that Google is an internet search and ad company that doesn’t…

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