BTXDeals Is An Online Marketplace For Blowing Bitcoin


Got some Bitcoin burning a hole in your virtual wallet? There’s an online  marketplace for that… U.K.-based has just launched an e-tail website where sellers are offering goods and services to buy with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin marketplace is the work of U.K. entrepreneur Nick Boardman, who was an early mover in electronics ecommerce in the U.K., founding the Rock brand laptop and e-tail business back in the 1990s. He’s now jumping on the early adopter Bitcoin bandwagon.

Fancy a private charter from Biggin Hill in the U.K. to Nice in France? That’ll be just over 78 BTC at current exchange rates. What about a Dell 24 inch display? A mere 0.9437 BTC. How about a golf trolley for your clubs? 1.9714 BTC.

True, there isn’t a whole let else on BTXDeals to spend your hard-mined BTC on as yet, with only around 100 SKUs at this nascent stage because they’ve all had to be manually uploaded by the company…

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