Multilevel Marketing: Scam or Not?

The Opportunist


First of all, let’s establish one thing. If there is something genuine, there will also be a fake. The opposite is also true – if you someone is being conned, it’s because there is some believability to that thing. And believability is derived from truth or fact.

I want to address Multi-level Marketing, otherwise known as Network Marketing.

Some people say it’s a business and some say it’s just a scam and they have their reasons for saying so. I won’t attempt to elaborate too much on this and will get straight to my point. I will be speaking from my own experience as a network marketer.

Network marketing is indeed a business model that has some unique principles. One of the core principles of this type of business is that it is, in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, a consumer-distribution business. Most network marketing companies call their associates “distributors” but…

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